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I have always loved taking photographs.

In 1987 (when I was 41), it became a passion!

20 years of black and white development in the darkroom (about 900 films), and then more and more digital photographs in color and black and white, countless digital RAW files.


October 2010, Retirement: Time at last.

That's why I can present this website.

The negatives were scanned to show those photos along with the digital ones.

Since most of my pictures were taken in my free time, they are of a private character. This should not reduce their value, especially in view of the fact that many professionals include private views in their work.

Through my long time membership "Fotografie Forum Frankfurt", I have met a number of professional photographers, who have expressed appreciation for my work. This has given me the confidence to design this website, in the hopes that my photographs may please some of you.



      Nov. 1991       'Pflanzenstrukturen'  (Palmengarten Frankfurt)
      Oct. 1993        'Fundstücke'  (Galerie Ellipse Nürnberg)
      July 1996        'Objektiv Subjektiv'  (in the Wasserturm Ismaning near Munich)
      Nov. 2003        'Kids'   (Goethe-Institut Frankfurt/Main)
      Nov. 2005        'Das Fotoalbum des Herrn Eckart’   (Europäisches Fotozentrum für junge Fotografie Viernheim)